Hello everyone, welcome back!!!

This post is for the new mamas. I know how difficult it can be for new mamas on how to start solid for their little ones, so I put together some resources that will be a guide to feeding your little adorable. Meanwhile, check here to read about introducing solid.

This chart will guide you on suitable food for a certain age, download the document, paste it on the fridge, and make your baby menu plan with it.

I made the chart according to my knowledge, experience and research, it is my preference to weaning infant you can check with your pediatric if in doubt. I don’t advise grains as first baby food because babies have a leaky gut naturally which needs to heal up. Fruits and veggie are mild for their tummy, the only grain I recommend at this stage is oat and rice(40%) that is if you are going to make the rice cereal yourself.

I hope this chart be a guide and help you with your baby weaning journey. Let me know if it works for you or not. share with me on Instagram or facebook @kiddiesplate


  • Download the image
  • Download meal plan template
  • Download baby food combo
  • Make your own meal plan with these resources
  • paste on in your kitchen
  • Cook your way to a healthy lifestyle for your adorable

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